About Us

We are amongst other disciplines a Heat Treatment Company specializing in Pre Heat and Post Weld Heat Treatment of steel structures and pipework, using state of the the art resistance and induction equipment. Along with highly skilled technicians experienced in all aspects of Heat Treatment, we have extensive experience to execute all your heat treatment requirements. Please see below some of the applications we can supply.

  • Resistance Heat Treatment Pre-Heat/P.W.H.T
  • Induction Heat Treatment Pre-Heat P.W.H.T
  • Gas fired Heat Treatment
  • Furnace applications
  • Refractory dry outs
  • Equipment sales and rental
  • Calibration services
  • Technical support and manpower

As well as heat treatment we can also offer Bolt Tensioning and torqueing. If you would like to find out more information on either Heat treatment or bolting you can find it on this website.